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Cynthia Hilton
Title: Here is were you meet the Co-Pastor
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Bio for Co-Pastor Cynthia Hilton


 Pastor Cynthia Hilton, affectionately known as “Sister Cynthia,” is the wife of Bishop Michael V. Hilton, Jr., and Co-Pastor of Christ Disciples Church. Pastor Cynthia serves as the Shepherdess of the Lydia Ladies, Prayer and G.A.P. Squad Ministries. She also helps with couples and family counseling, all based on biblical principles.


 Prior to the being called to the work of the ministry as a Pastor's wife of Christ Disciples Church, Pastor Cynthia attended the school of leaders level one, two and three at Bethany World Prayer Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she went on to attend the school of Teachers upon graduating from the school of leaders. Pastor Cynthia served, for many years as a leader at Bethany World Prayer Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she also taught the school of leaders courses and also taught on the women retreats for several years as a leader in the Women’s Ministry. The retreats allow women to come together, over the course of a weekend, to experience liberty through Jesus Christ. 


 As the Shepherdess of the Lydia Ladies Pastor Cynthia is a great roll model. She is the owner and broker of Ceegee Realty, LLC in business since 1998 and has been a successful Realtor and/or Broker since 1993. Pastor Cynthia is also co-owner of a successful Travel Agency (Atlantic Towers Travel) where she operates as a travel specialist as she helps to manage the business.


 God has given Pastor Cynthia a heart to teach the women in the body of Christ how to pray, praise, and serve the Lord and their families. Pastor Cynthia has a true heart for souls and is well known for giving the best hug anywhere. 


 Although Pastor Cynthia has many, many spiritual children and though she deeply love them all, she is extremely proud of the three that the Lord has bless her union of over thirty years. Pastor Cynthia is wife to one husband Bishop Michael V. Hilton, Jr. since 1981 and to this union was born Navoda Hilton Portley; Michael V. Hilton, III and Tony D. Hilton. From these three the quiver is being filled for there are to-date eight beautiful, heathy and happy grand children. God has truly blessed this union. 


 Pastor Cynthia along with Bishop Hilton both received an Associates Degree in Christian Ministry from MTI (formerly Ministers Training Institute) and has travels across the United States preaching and teaching the Good News of Jesus Christ. 


 Pastor Cynthia consider it a privilege and an honor to have been called and chosen to Co-Pastor Christ Disciples Church as a helpmeet along side her husband Bishop Michael V. Hilton, Jr. for such a time as this.