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Photo Gallery: Wed Night Prayer 7:00 Photo Gallery

AS YOUR BROOK DRIED UP 1Kings 17:2-7 ...

  • God told Elijah exactly where to go and what to do.The Lord permitted Elijah to drink of the brook, and He provided bread and meat daily, delivered to the prophet by ravens. Did you know The raven is the first bird named in the Bible (Gen. 8:7); it was an unclean bird, yet God used it to help His servant. But there came a day when the brook dried up. Did mean Elijah had sinned, or that he was out of God’s will? No! It only meant that God had another place for him, and it was a reminder for Elijah to trust the Lord and not the brook.
    Are you trusting in the brook of wealth, or a job or anything else in the world other than God. Don't do it. Put your faith in God, and the river of the Holy Spirit will flow living waters through you.Touch the lives of others and bring them to church this Sunday.
Wed Night Prayer 7:00 Photo Gallery
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